Concrete Contractors and Driveway Sealer

Concrete Contractors and Driveway Sealers

About Us

McDonald Paving and Chip Sealing was started by Martin McDonald. He had been in the Paving business since 1979. McDonald Paving has over 35 full-time employees that are expert concrete contractors and driveway sealers plus Martin’s six sons, Matthew, Danny, Teddy, Martin, Ned and Johnny.

We are based in Colorado Springs and service the surrounding area. We provide our customers with asphalt paving on house driveways, parking lots, ranch roads, and different types of commercial properties. Our specialists also take care of the preparations prior to start of any paving job.

McDonald Paving and Chip Seal services not only offers small residential jobs, but also very large complex jobs, since we have a reliable and professional team. Even though all projects are different we strive to complete jobs on a timely basis while also providing you with quality work.

Not only do we offer warranties on asphalt and concrete installations, but our concrete contractors and driveway sealers will advise on proper maintenance of your new sidewalk or driveway.

With McDonald Paving, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism by our team. Because of this, we are known as one of the most reputable asphalt and chip seal paving contractors in Colorado. For most jobs we can give quotes over the phone and answer any questions. Please feel free to contact the best Colorado pavement contractor today!

We Own All Of Our Equipment

All of the equipment we use, is owned by McDonald Paving. We do not outsource and know that it is important to be able to have our own equipment for our concrete contractors and driveway sealers to use. We ensure that all of our equipment is properly maintained and serviced and is kept in prime working condition for a safe working environment. Some of the equipment we own and operate includes,

  • Skid Loaders
  • Motor Graders
  • Paving Machines
  • Rollers and more
All of our workers are legitimate, professional employees, and are covered by
Workers Compensation insurance